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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey,what if we could support each other out!I mean we all have a group of readers that when they read are blog's,tyhey could also clik on ads!!It wouldent take long,and I don't think Google will have something to say against it!!Someone correct me if I'm wrong,but I thing it's a win-win situation!!!

just checked my AdSense Account and I have made, since June 5th, get this....$0.06 LOL. I have to laugh at that. Of course until the last couple of days I haven't really done any blogging, but still this makes me laugh.Of course I have been guilty of not clicking Ads myself, but I do try to remember now and then. Although some of the Ads that are displayed have nothing to do with what the blog is really about. Are the ads tied to the tags or the words within the blog, or perhaps just the title? Maybe that would explain some of the strange ads that accompany a lot of blogs.Maybe I need to ask who has made money from this site and go read their stuff, and try to figure out how to make the money myself. Like most, I started blogging here because of the possibility of making money by blogging. Likewise, I stay because I have found an extended family, not because I can make $0.06 in two months time. :) However, it would be nice to make some money at the same time.